Capelle & Partner

Ewa District


Republic of Nauru

We provide goods and services at the best possible price to our customers in the Nauruan Community

About Us

Capelle & Partner is a business in Nauru that opened in 1965 and was not much larger than a shipping container. Today it is a large retail store and supermarket with staff levels of more than 100 employees. The store also has warehouse, freezer and facility rooms for a wide diversified range of product categories.

Our History

The business was started in 1965 by Sophie and Des Oppenheimer selling clothing, garden items, mats and handicrafts. Sophie had always wanted to open a shop to sell clothing and handicrafts, and when Des left the British phosphate company, her dream was made and she opened the store in Ewa district, where business is still running today.

Capelle & Partner at the 2014 National Beauty Contest

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